Writing Tips

Know your audience.

People care about how you can help them solve a problem or fill a need. Who are you writing to and how can you help them? What values do you share? That's the foundation of your communication.

Get to the point.

Most people are strapped for time, so they'll ask for details if they need them. Let your audience know quickly and succinctly what you can do for them. Providing options to learn more (links, forms, phone numbers, live chats, etc.)  as needed is the best way to keep people moving through the funnel toward the solution they are looking for.

Show them the way.

One of the best writing tips is "show, don't tell".  Use testimonials, real stories, facts  and images as they relate to your business. And once you've piqued their interest show them how to reach you.

Writing Resources

When you'd rather write it yourself.

The Elements of Style: A must-have for writers, because we can all use a little refresher on grammar from time to time.

The Associated Press Stylebook: If you're writing for news media, such as press releases, turn to this reference guide for best practices.

Online Content Development by HubSpot: A great site for templates and search engine optimization tips. I'm a fan of their website grader, too.

SEMrush's Ultimate Guide to Content Marketing (2019) really breaks down critical steps. Their site also provides useful tools and resources for key word research, competitor analysis, and search engine results pages (SERPs).

Neil Patel's Content Checklist: Aren't we all hustling one way or another? I love the Side Hustle Podcast featuring him, too. 

Perpetual Traffic Podcast: Want to drive more leads? This entertaining podcast keeps you updated on best practices and techniques, along with useful content development tips.

When you want to hire a content developer.

  • To free up your time to work on other projects
  • To access specific expertise
  • So you don't increase overhead
  • To get a "second opinion" or outsider view

Well of course I'm going to recommend that you contact me first! However, there are many talented freelance writers out there and a common way to find them is through online services such as:

  • Upwork: A ton of freelance writers and a good article on how to hire one.
  • FreelancerSimilar to Upwork with lots of freelancers, including samples of their work.

An important thing to remember is that there are a wide variety of writers out there, so be specific about what type of help you need and the type of person you're looking for. That includes writing style, industry knowledge, availability and other factors that are important to you. And don't forget about college students. Many universities have excellent journalism schools and students are eager to build their portfolio and resume. 

Happy writing, and don't hesitate to contact me for help.

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