How to Get Word of Mouth Marketing (Beyond Copywriting Only)

Using KPWriter Freelance Writing

Why KPWriter?

  • You're running a small business and need someone to not only help develop your sales and marketing content, but to really care about the strategy needed to reach your goals.
  • You're a busy marketing professional running a department that needs a little help now and then creating content and editing copy. 
  • You don't necessarily need a full service agency, though you do want someone that's professional and understands the needs and expectations of a larger company.  
  • You're running an agency that needs a professional writer to help out with special projects. (I know what it's like when there's more work than agency staff can handle and clients want things right away!) 

How does the process work?

Full transparency here. As mentioned on my About page, I'm a full time marketing professional dedicated to my job and team. At the same time, I sometimes miss the fun and fulfillment of working with new clients  and delivering results-producing projects to them. For that reason, I'll take on select side work. 

To get started, you simply contact me via email and provide your contact information, and then I will respond within one business day. If we decide there's a fit, we discuss scope of work, timelines and budget. 

You get a professional writer with a reputation for delivering quality results . And a new, trusted business partner who is a constant resource.

Contact me now to get started! 

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